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Hawkes Bay 2022



In the glass Helio Syrah has a deep ruby core that transitions to an almost magenta, crimson edge.  Beautiful to look at and delightful on the nose.  It’s clean, light, and perfumed with violets and roses.  A hint of mint lurks in the background, we relate this to the aroma from the Cyprus trees that are dotted around the vineyard. The palate is one of the most interesting parts of enjoying Helio Syrah, it adds to the nose rather than just copy & pasting it.  Mouth-watering high acid is met with peppery-gamey tannins that harmonise as a platform for the juicy bramble of black and dark red berry fruit with black forest chocolate and cherries.  The peppered game continues on the long finish with a touch of smokiness, the taste of a perfectly glazed feast.  Enjoy.

750ml Bottle