how helio happened

Like all great stories, ‘How Helio Happened’ is a love story. A shared love of the great Chardonnays of the world.  And the drive to make one.

Matt Kirby and Dave Nash met whilst Dave and his crew were filming ‘A Seat at the Table’, a film that (spoiler alert) highlights New Zealand’s unique ability to grow and make world class Chardonnay. 

Matt and his much better half (and love of his life), Sarah Little, also a winemaker formally at Felton Road had been in love with the idea of producing their own wine brand for many years. 

As these stories always go, one thing led to another and over a glass of Chardonnay or two the idea that the trio would start a wine brand was born. Their shared focus and drive was and still is, to show the world just how good Hawkes Bay Chardonnay can be.

Helio – the name, was landed on after drilling right down to what was so special about Hawkes Bay and it’s ability to grow almost anything, perfectly.  It’s all down to the sun.

The sun, or as its referred to in the language of love, Latin – Helios, is the genesis to making great wine.  Too much sun and the fruit is overdone, cooked, no good.  Not enough sun and the fruit is tight, unripe and really no good.  What’s so special about the Hawkes Bay is consist and optimal sunshine hours. 

What’s not to love about that?

When you really think about it, when making great wine the genesis of everything is the sun.
The genesis of the sun is Helio. 

Helio was born.